“Prosperity across generations”

Dynamic Teamwork

A collaborative of professionals and decision makers

Families are dynamic, with relatives and loved ones playing ever-shifting roles. We and our family clients believe major family decisions should be well thought out and analyzed by a team of experienced professionals and family stakeholders.

Family Board of Directors™

Our clients wish to provide financial support for the education of their children and grandchildren, they wish to enjoy retirement without financial stress, they wish to support charitable causes, and they wish to leave something meaningful behind for future generations. Accomplishing these goals requires much more than a well-managed portfolio. We integrate investment advice, estate and tax planning, and a variety of time and headache-saving administrative and specialty solutions to provide seamless, comfortable, and comprehensive wealth management.

Through years of working with successful families, we have created a work model: the Family Board of Directors™. A Family Board empowers multigenerational families and their trusted advisors to make prudent investment and business decisions.

The concept of a Family Board requires clear communication, a collaborative spirit and mutually beneficial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on my Family Board?

"Family Boards" assemble family leaders, trusted advisors and esteemed colleagues. Family Boards, like corporate boards (and perhaps more so) gain advantage from independent board members. With a Family Board you and your family are always in control. Together, we avoid dangers and explore your options and opportunities.

What Does a Family Board Accomplish?
How do Family Boards work together?

We hold regularly scheduled Family Board meetings with you to review performance and plan ahead. Our personalized meeting process has proved invaluable to our clients—they have profited from opportunities and avoided dangers and mistakes.

Family Board meetings incorporate

Why should I have a Family Board?

Coordination between financial, legal, accounting, compliance and other trusted advisors improves efficiency, reduces errors, and results in better decision making. Formalized meeting processes, including use of published agendas and minutes, focuses efforts and improves accountability.

For multigenerational family estates seeking our Family Board of Directors™ services please contact Michael Tillman, Founding Partner.

Integrate your family’s financial, legal and life planning with our Family Board of Directors™ model today.

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